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4 Home Energy-Saving Tips from Regency Windows

Looking for some energy-saving tips…something to help you save some money? Look no further; here are our top 4 energy-saving tips!

Don’t Leave Your Appliances on Stand-by

Did you know that if you leave your appliances on standby, you still use as much as 60% of the electricity that would be used if the device was left on. So don’t be daft and be sure to turn your TV, DVD player and computer off properly.

energy saving regency windowsBuy Energy Efficient Lightbulbs!

Energy-saving lightbulbs are a great investment. If you use a particular light for an average of four hours per day, you could end up using a quarter of the energy you would with standard bulbs. It is estimated that each energy efficient bulb fitted could give you an estimated saving of €10.50 per year!

Close the Curtains!

Your curtains are not there for show! Use them. By shutting your curtains, you help to retain heat in your home. This in turns allows you to turn down your thermostat. By turning your thermostat down by just 1°C you can save up to €70 per year!

Invest in your Windows and Doors

It’s a well-known fact that high quality windows and doors can work to substantially reduce home heating costs. Here at Regency Windows, our triple-glazed uPVC windows can reduce home heating costs by up to 30%.
Yes, save up to 30% on your home heating bill with Regency Windows!

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