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Window Condensation: 3 Great Tips to Help Reduce It

Here at Regency Windows, we like being useful. That is why, each month, we like to deliver a number of articles which help you make the most of your windows, doors and conservatories. When people get in touch with us looking for new windows, one thing that we often get asked about is window condensation.

What is window condensation?Window Condensation Dublin

Window condensation occurs when moist air comes into contact with air, or a surface, which is at a lower temperature. Here at Regency Windows, we believe it is the biggest source of damp in Irish homes.

How to deal with window condensation: three tips from Ireland’s window experts

1. Ventilate your home

Make an effort to open all your windows on a daily basis to allow moist air to escape. We know this can be difficult in the depths of Irish winter, but it is worth it in order to combat window condensation. Regency Windows have the added benefit of being able to lock them in a vented position!

2. Dry your clothes outside

Drying your clothes inside is something that every home in Ireland does. Because of the…ahem…”glorious” weather we are blessed with here on our lovely island, drying clothes outside seems like an impossible task. Putting your wet clothes on the radiator will result in condensation. Likewise, using a tumble dryer where the pipe does not run outside can also result in condensation. If you don’t have some kind of shed where you can dry your clothes, make sure to dry them on a clothes horse in an enclosed room which has plenty of ventilation – and keep the window open!

3. Buy new windows

If you have fallen victim to condensation in a bad way, you should really consider buying new windows. And that isn’t just me trying to make a sale. Many of the houses we see suffering from condensation have single-glazed windows installed. Installing double-glazed – or even better, triple-glazed – windows will go a long away to help reduce your problem.

Triple-glazed windows at Regency Windows

Triple-glazed windows are our thing! Why not allow us to help you sort out our window condensation problems?

Why not enquire today? We can have a chat about how our windows can make your home a more comfortable place!


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