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UPVC FAQ: All You Ever Wanted To Know About uPVC Windows

What is uPVC?

PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride, one of the most widely-produced plastics in the world. The ‘u’ in uPVC denotes that the PVC is unplasticised, which means that it is rigid. PVC was discovered in the 19th century, but didn’t come into widespread use until the 20th century. Now it’s one of the most common materials used in manufacturing and construction for its versatility and durability.

How long has uPVC been used in windows?

The use of uPVC in windows began in Germany in the 1960s, and Ireland, Britain and North America soon followed. Once manufacturers realised the advantages of uPVC over wood and metal, it became very popular. In the last few years, the aesthetic qualities of uPVC have improved a lot, with the wood effect uPVC almost indistinguishable from real timber.

How does uPVC differ from timber frames?

UPVC has pretty much replaced timber windows, as it is unmatched in its durability and insulation of heat and noise. uPVC will not rot or warp, it is unaffected by weather and the colours will not fade.

How environmentally friendly is uPVC?

UPVC has a low environmental impact compared to metal and wood alternatives. It doesn’t require hardwood forest logging for example. It also has a longer life cycle than timber and aluminium, it is easier to manufacture, and it can be recycled.

How does uPVC fare in terms of fire prevention?

UPVC is considered inherently flame retardant. It has a considerably higher combustion temperature than wood.  It will char when burning, is self-extinguishing, and it also produces no burning debris. You can read more about UPVC and fire safety here.

How long do uPVC windows last?

Windows with uPVC should last about 40 years if properly fitted. They require no maintenance, they don’t need to be painted and can be wiped clean.

What type of window shape are they suitable for?

UPVC can suit almost all window types, including sash, casement, awning, arch, tilt and turn, fixed and sliders. You can see examples of our varied uPVC window work in our galleries.

What colours does uPVC come in?

The colour choice of uPVC is vast, and with many options for wood effect.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, there is a 15 year warranty on all our uPVC windows.

Read about the Regency Promise here

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