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Christmas Lights: Our Top Tips For Staying Safe This Festive Season

Ah Christmas…the time of year when we crawl into the awkward spaces of our attics, diligently avoiding those menacing cobwebs until finally, we lay eyes on those tacky trinkets that we hang on our Christmas trees year after year. Glancing at them, neatly tucked away in their boxes, unlocking a treasure chest of different memories in an instant of Christmas’s gone by.

stay safe at christmasJust when you think it’s going to be another wonderful holiday season you realise you have to untangle the fairy lights that so often get into a hairy muddle. You have to wonder if there are gremlins living above our very heads, running around our attic space, spending 11 months of the year doing this to us just so we have to endure 15 minutes of pain every year. Or…maybe it’s just that you were fed up of looking at them last year and couldn’t wait to stuff them back into their boxes! Regardless, it’s time to jump back into the real world!

Now, we want you to be safe this Christmas. Why? Because we like to think that we’re nice people who do the right things! Naturally enough those lights are going to be left on for a fair portion of the month of December and I’m fairly sure you’re all aware of the dangers an electrical fire could pose to you & your loved ones! So why not protect yourself against a potential disaster?

Here are some tips on how you can do exactly that…

Invest in a Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

Investing in a Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher could be thought of as a gift to the whole family! NEVER combat an electrical fire with water, or any liquid for that matter! Too extreme though? Some might think so.

Keep your lights dry

Make sure your lights aren’t situated in any areas of dampness – I don’t think I need to explain why!! Water…electricity…boom!

Keep extension leads out of reach of children

Babies and toddlers, could see a big sparkly tree as a source of entertainment. If possible, keep any extension leads you might have out of reach of the young ones.

How old are your lights?

fairy lights christmasAnother big one is age, and no, we’re not saying you look THAT old (yet)! We’re talking about your lights! A lot of households form an emotional bond with their fairy lights (believe it or not) and throwing them away to be lost in a landfill forever isn’t what their loving owners want for their beloved lights. Well, it’s time to get into the real world. Examine every length of chord you have, every connection. If they show any sign of erosion or wear and tear it may be time to get rid of them!

Be careful with the candles

Christmas isn’t Christmas without candle. All I am saying is BE CAREFUL. Candles should also be given some TLC; we don’t want any curtains going up in a blaze!

In closing, have a very merry and safe Christmas this year. What are you expecting from the big man this year?


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