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Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree…and Making it Last!

This weekend another seasonal responsibility is bestowed upon the families of Ireland. For some it’s a ritualistic cheer, while for others finding a Christmas tree can be a bit of a procedural pain. We at Regency believe that your home ought to look spick and span for Santa come judgement day, so we’ve compiled a few quick tips on picking and looking after the perfect Christmas tree.

making your christmas tree last longer


Know the different types of Christmas tree (fir God’s sake!)

Yes, there are different species of Christmas trees and yes it does make a big difference which one you go for. Here’s a quick cheat sheet:

1. Fraser Fir

The most popular tree for good reason, the soft needles allow for a more pain-free decoration process. Furthermore, the branches are as sturdy as they come which is ideal for the more well-equipped decorator – the Fraser Fir does not become over-encumbered easily.

2. Noble Fir

These trees come complete with a lovely deep rich green colour, and although the needle density is a bit lower, it means it is easier to hang decorations off of them.

3. Colorado Blue Spruce

This variant has a slight blue-silver tint to it which has great appeal to the more colour-scheme oriented decorator. The Colorado Blue Spruce is a strong, able-bodied tree that won’t flinch, regardless of what ornaments you chuck at it.

4. Grand Fir

The Grand Fir, while becoming more popular over the years due to its glossy colour and long needles, does have its trade-offs. The tree is quite delicate and should only really be decorated using a more minimalist approach; however if this is your style then the Grand Fir might be the one for you.

Making Sure You Get a Fresh Tree

Looks can be deceiving. Without any visual clues, a healthy-looking tree could be reaching shedding-age, which as we all know is quite a nightmare to clean up. If you’re unsure here’s a quick test: Grab a branch and pull on it roughly enough, if no needles come off onto your hand then the tree is fresh and you’re in the clear. We like to think of it as a kind of interview-esque handshake.

Looking after Your Christmas tree

So you’ve done your research, championed a breed, found a quality candidate, and journeyed it home. The next step which people often neglect is to water your new tree; simply put it in a bucket full of room-temperature water for about 4 hours and you’re done. This helps prolong the life of the tree, while also decreasing its potential as a fire hazard. To further ensure safety you ought to make sure the lights are off over the night (refer to one of our recent posts!), and refresh the container with water before going to bed.

If these tips sound like too much hassle…

Buy a fake one!

Merry Christmas!

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