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Why Your Home Needs More Natural Light

increase light in the homeWe all know that natural light plays an absolutely crucial role in your well-being, but recent scientific research has emphasised the biological and psychological necessity of allowing more natural light into your home. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top reasons how and why natural lighting can improve your home, pocket and your health.

Healthy House

Natural light can do wonders to clean up your home. Mould and fungi such as mildew love dark places to grow in. Allowing more natural light into your home will go a long way to ensuring that this doesn’t become a problem for you.

Natural light has an aesthetic advantage. Employed often by architects and artists it is brilliant at making a space seem larger and more comfortable. Large glass doors and uPVC windows are the perfect solution if you want your home to take on a sense of airiness and spaciousness.

save energy windowsEnergy Savings

Upgrading your windows to allow for more light can save you a pretty penny in a number of ways. Windows come in all shapes and sizes. However, one thing is clear; if they’re uninsulated, you could be losing up to 18% of your home’s heat. The benefits of energy efficient windows such as our triple glazed uPVC windows go beyond keeping the heat locked in – and being weather and noise proof, they’re great for the environment as well.


Your body gauges what time you ought to go to sleep at through a system called ‘circadian rhythms’, these rhythms dictate the inner workings of your biological routine such as temperature, hormone release and sleeping routine, by gleaning data from your environment. Natural light plays a huge role in this; to put it simply the part of your brain which produces melatonin (hormone controlling sleep) has a direct connection to the retina which feeds it information. Remaining indoors in poor light for a prolonged period of time without adequate natural light will cause a disconnect in your circadian rhythm and you’ll find yourself sleepy when you ought to be awake and vice versa. If you spend much natural light windows dublinof your time indoors, bigger, clearer windows can definitely help.

Concentration and Stress

Scientific researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have found that natural light plays a crucial role in concentration and other cognitive functions relating to work. Workers who are exposed to around 6 hours of daylight a day are significantly more alert, and more adept at carrying out complex tasks, in addition to this the subjects who were deprived of natural light became sleepier faster towards the end of the day. If you work from home, or if you manage an office environment, big windows can go a long way to exposing you to the recommended amounts of natural daylight.


As you get older your eyes become less reactive to blue light which is responsible for the production of melatonin, this basically means that as a person ages their susceptibility to insomnia and even depression rises if they are not receiving an adequate amount of natural light. The American Academy of Ophthalmology has reported that as little as 3 hours of natural light per day is enough to offset this risk.

If you want to enjoy the myriad benefits that natural light delivers by installing top quality windows, get in touch with us here at Regency Home Improvements on 01-4642788.



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