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Home burglary: know the facts

Did you know that burglaries in Dublin have increased 14% between 2008 and 2012? Did you know that you are most likely to be burgled on a Thursday? Do you know if your doors meet Security Standard IS EN 1627:2011? As the evenings grow darker and we come closer to the end of the year, […]

The Home Renovation Incentive Scheme and You Explained for Windows

Looking for a grant to replace your windows? The Home Renovation Incentive Scheme is a scheme which was introduced back in October (we wrote this very helpful blog post on it back then!). A few of you have been asking about the scheme – so we decided to do another post about it. In a […]

Why Your Home Needs More Natural Light

We all know that natural light plays an absolutely crucial role in your well-being, but recent scientific research has emphasised the biological and psychological necessity of allowing more natural light into your home. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top reasons how and why natural lighting can improve your home, pocket and your health. […]

Top Tips for Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree…and Making it Last!

This weekend another seasonal responsibility is bestowed upon the families of Ireland. For some it’s a ritualistic cheer, while for others finding a Christmas tree can be a bit of a procedural pain. We at Regency believe that your home ought to look spick and span for Santa come judgement day, so we’ve compiled a […]

Christmas Lights: Our Top Tips For Staying Safe This Festive Season

Ah Christmas…the time of year when we crawl into the awkward spaces of our attics, diligently avoiding those menacing cobwebs until finally, we lay eyes on those tacky trinkets that we hang on our Christmas trees year after year. Glancing at them, neatly tucked away in their boxes, unlocking a treasure chest of different memories […]

Cleaning Your Windows: Don’t Waste Your Money

Looking back over the last few months, we noticed that our previous post on cleaning your windows was one of our most popular to date. We think that tells us something; you guys either love cleaning windows, or you just like a great tip! As you know, we have been experts in windows in Dublin […]

5 Ways to Make Your Home Burglar-Proof

Having a great looking home, complete with great windows and doors is one thing; but making sure your home is secure is another story altogether. It is important that your home both looks great and is protected from the increasing number of break-ins that are happening more and more often around Dublin. You need to […]

UPVC Composite Door Installation in Castleknock

A couple of months ago, we spent loads of time in Rathfarnham on various jobs. Last month, we were flat out in Castleknock! Read about our other job in Castleknock here. The Job The customer wanted us to replace a cold draughty timber door which was causing their home to quite energy inefficient. We recommended […]

UPVC Windows and Doors installation in Castleknock

We are glad to say that we are being kept busy this last while, and we are so happy to see that people are already making use of the Home Renovation Incentive Scheme. Last week we installed uPVC windows and doors in Castleknock. Here is the lowdown of what we did!

Home Renovation Incentive Scheme: What Does It Mean For You?

For those of you who followed the 2014 budget, you may have heard something about the Home Renovation Incentive Scheme. This scheme was due to kick off in January 2014. However, the government have decided to bring forward the plans, meaning that incentives for homeowners to renovate their homes are in effect from TODAY!

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