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The Benefits of Composite Doors

There are many benefits to Composite Doors including:

Composite Doors

The first impression a visitor gets of the home is the front door. What better way to make a positive statement as well as securing your home against weather and intruders than with one of our wide range of doors? Composite doors are a great solution for every home.

What is a Composite Door?

As the name suggests, composite doors are made of a blend of different materials. This blend of materials usually includes PVC, wood, insulating materials, and an outer coating of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). Composite doors look like traditional hardwood doors. However, they have the same insulation and energy efficiency properties as our best-selling uPVC doors.

Why Composite Doors are a good choice

As well as making your home look great, composite doors offer many other advantages.

Home Security

With the number of burglaries on the rise, it is very important that you are confident about leaving your home unattended. Our composite door product here at Regency Home Improvements provides the best in home security. Their strength is one of the unique selling points. All our composite doors are installed with the highest quality locking system.

Easy To Maintain

Like most of our products, our composite doors are easy to maintain. All they need is a quick wipe with a damp cloth and your door will be as good as new! There won’t be a problem with warping, fading or rusting. Also, if you get fed up of the colour, you can give your door a lick of paint!

Environmentally-Friendly and Energy Efficient

Our composite doors here at Regency Windows are injected with a layer of a thermal insulating material (polyurethane foam-core), which is 100% CFC free. This means that you are protecting the environment and keeping your home warm all at the same time!

Contact us for more information on our composite doors or call us on 01 4642788 today to arrange for a representative to call to you and discuss your requirements further.

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