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Save Energy and Reduce Heating Costs by up to 40%!

By installing Regency Windows Triple Glazed uPVC windows and doors you will save energy and reduce heating costs by up to 40%.

Here at Regency Home Improvements, we use advanced glass technology designed to eliminate draughts and reduce heat loss in your home. So no matter the weather, you can be sure your home will be warm and comfortable. And of course you can enjoy lower your energy bills.

  • All of our windows have special glass with coatings designed to reflect heat back into your home. Our consultants can explain to you the difference between the types of glass we use.
  • Our window frames are designed to conserve heat and eliminate draughts. Regency uPVC windows are multi-chambered for heat retention & our Triple Glazed windows have thermal inserts in the frame, while our timber frames insulate naturally.
  • Our double glazed units have 20mm insulating air gap between the two panes of double glazing.
  • Our Triple Glazing has two 14mm insulating air gaps in the unit. The total glass width is between 36mm & 40mm depending on your requirements.
  • Warm edge spacer bar to reduce cold bridging
  • 90 % Argon Gas
  • Regency Windows can also help you to conserve energy and reduce your carbon footprint with our options of A+2 & A+13 windows.
  • Glass U-Value as low as 0.640
  • Reduce Heating Costs with Steel Reinforced frames which ensure these savings for a lifetime
  • Professionally installed windows and doors ensure that the energy savings remain for the lifetime of the products

If you want to save energy, enjoy lower bills and a warmer home, why not call us on (01) 4642788 today or get in touch via email to arrange for one of our consultants to visit you and help you to choose the Regency Window & Door package to transform your home and protect you from the elements?

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