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The Benefits of Alu-Clad Windows

Alu-Clad Windows

Alu-clad windows are a very popular choice of window among all our customers. Allow us to tell you a little about them…

What Are Alu-Clad Windows?

Alu-Clad Windows are windows which are made up of an aluminium exterior and a wooden interior. This means that – if you wish – your windows can provide a modern and sleek look on the exterior of your home, while you preserve a more traditional look of timber on the interior.

The Benefits of Alu-Clad Windows

There are many benefits associated with alu-clad windows.

The ingenious combination of aluminium and timber means these two materials offer natural appeal indoors and optimum weather proofing outdoors. And let’s face it – with the changeable Irish weather, you need something that can withstand natures elements! With heavy rain, strong winds and freezing conditions, you need windows which will last you into the long-term.

There are lots of benefits associated with alu-clad windows, including:

  • Alu-clad windows are homeowners dream as they are maintenance-free, requiring no painting or scraping
  • Long-term quality, so you really get your money’s worth
  • Infinite variety of colours, so they suit every home
  • Maximum convenience
  • Attractive price
  • Suitable for all types of properties from new buildings, renovations and conservatories to commercial buildings and properties

Alu-clad windows are a smart choice of window, and are very energy efficient.

Why not consider alu-clad windows for your home?

Why not call us today on 01 4642788 to arrange a quotation.  Alternatively, why not email us your details and your enquiry, and we will be in touch.

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